This section describes how to use the hardware features of the Raspberry Pi, including the General Purpose (GPIO) connector, SPI and I2C busses.


These are the units you can embed into your application:
  • gopi.Platform Return information about the hardware platform;
  • gopi.DisplayManager Return information about attached displays;
  • gopi.SPI Send and receive data on the SPI bus;
  • gopi.I2C Send and receive data on the I2C bus;
  • gopi.GPIO Interact with the GPIO connector and watch for changes of state;
  • gopi.LIRC Receive IR codes from remote controls;
  • gopi.LIRCKeycodeManager Map IR codes to keycodes.
These are examples you can look at which demonstate the features:
  • (hw)[https://github.com/djthorpe/gopi/tree/master/cmd/hw] provides commands for enquiring about
    the hardware platform and devices.
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